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3 άτοκες δόσεις για αγορές άνω των 150 ευρώ

Shipping, Costs & returns


1) For Attica
a) For orders with a total value of 200 euro or more, you will not be charged any cost (up to 2kg or smaller)
b) For orders with a total value of less than 200 euros you will be charged 4.00€ for each courier and delivery to your door (up to 2kg or smaller).
Payment by the delivery method can not be applied if the product weight is large because the products are not shipped by courier. In this case, you will need to deposit the amount into an account of our company or pay by using your card.

Especially for orders related to two product categories such as TILES and TILES GLUE, the following apply.
a) For orders with a total value of 500 euro or more, you will not be charged any cost.
b) For orders with a total value of less than € 500 you will be charged from 10.00€ for each transfer and delivery to your door (ground floor).
Free tile delivery is valid for distances up to 10 km from our headquarters and within the prefecture of Attica.

2)Except Attica
For all orders you will not be charged at any cost for delivery from our headquarters to Athens. Carriage charge of 4.00€ depending on destination and order. Shipping by courier of 4.00€ (up to 2kg or small volume). There is no cash on delivery for transport companies.
Payment by the delivery method can not be applied if the product's weight is large (shipment by transportation company), so picking is done from your headquarters or at your door after a collusion. In this case, you will need to deposit the amount into an account of our company or pay by using your card.

The delivery of the products takes place with a carrier for large parcels and a courier company for small packages (for example package up to 2 kg and dimensions: length:30cm x height: 15cm x width: 25cm)
The final destination of the products is as follows:
a) In the shipment of the products with a transportation company for the customers in Attica prefecture, the delivery is made to the final destination you have declared to us. For the customers outside the Prefecture of Attica the delivery is made to the closest agency of your area, which will be of our choice.
b) By shipping the products with a courier (geniki taxydromiki) delivery to all customers within and outside of the Prefecture of Attica becomes the final destination you have declared us.

a) In case of credit card payment and in order to ensure the security of the transaction and particular to insure you from using your credit card without your permission or unauthorized use, the receipt of the dispatched goods is made at the stated address for shipments within Attica and Shipments via geniki taxydromiki or the Agency for shipments outside Attica.
i) From you by displaying a police ID and stating it’s number in the accompanying document or
ii) By a person legally authorized by you to show your written authorization and a photocopy of your identity.
The maintenance of this procedure, is primarily aimed at protecting you and preventing you from harm, and your cooperation and understanding is essential.

All our products are covered by a guarantee of good functioning, their official representation in Greece. For information on the exact terms of the warranty for each product, varying from product to product, do not hesitate to contact us for the items you are interested in.
The warranties do not cover material incompatibility, natural disaster or incorrect installation and operation of the product by the customer or its addressees.

You are required to unpack and check the product within 15 days of receipt. If the product is not returned within 15 days of its delivery, it is deemed to have been received in an excellent condition and our company may not accept its return and replacement.

You have the right to return the product you purchased and ask for it to be replaced in the following cases:
a) In all cases where by mistake we have received another product than you have ordered.
b) In all cases where the product has a cosmetic or structural defect covered by the product warranty.
c) In case you wish to change it with another, provided that the product you purchased is "Directly Available" and not "On Order".

In cases (a) and (b), after receiving and inspecting the returned product, we will send you as soon as possible the right product, assuming all transportation costs, returning the old product and shipping it. You also have the option of requesting either a change to another product or the refund of the money you have paid us.

In case (c), you have the right to request a change of product with a different product, assuming you the return shipping cost and the shipping cost of the new product. If you do not wish to change it with another product and wish your money to be refunded, you will be charged for the shipping and return shipping cost of the product.

In any case, the product should be returned in perfect condition, unused, complete, packed and purchased in the best condition.

If the product is returned incomplete or damaged, our company has the right to accept the refund and claim damages the amount of which is determined by the condition of the product and its packaging.

The company is not responsible for any technical, typographical or spelling mistakes in the prices or characteristics of the products. If a product has an unusually low price, without any particulars to justify it, please contact us before ordering the product.

Finally, the product to be replaced must be accompanied by all the documents accompanying it at the time of its purchase (eg Consignment note, Invoice, Proof of Retail).

Yours sincerely,